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Massachusetts YRUU's Journal
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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007
1:54 am
i'm a slacker...
So in 2002 a bunch of us went up to Saco ME for a little thing called TLI. all that week people took pictures and at the end everyone took home a B/W photocopy of a mug book, I was lucky enough to take home the original and now you can see it too scanned and compiled into a PDF.


Lots of love
Stacey Robarge
Monday, June 4th, 2007
10:56 pm
dear cbd young adults,
youth bridging conference is in new london conneticut this upcoming weekend.  cbd young adults have been invited to the bridging ceremony saturday night in order to welcome new young adults into our community.  is anyone interested in more information about said event, particularly about carpooling?
also, i had the vague thought that us young adults could stay at a hostel or chip in as able ona hotel room together or something friday night and spend saturday together, in a kind of mini-con set up.  how do people feel about that idea?
heather g
Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
2:25 pm
Summer's End 2007!!!
Summer’s End Is an Autonomous youth empowerment conference held annually for a week in late August. The goal of the conference is to create and provide a community of trust and acceptance, where every person can feel inspired by and connected to the group as a whole. We are youth between the ages of 14 and 22 from around the country (and around the globe!) who wish to improve not only our sense of self, but also our ability to communicate within the conference and with the world at large. Summer’s End provides us with the invaluable opportunity to explore our feelings and relationships, expand our perceptions, and to create, learn and grow within a safe environment of our peers. What we learn at Summer’s End is taken with us and applied to the rest of our lives, making us stronger and confident in all of our endeavors.

Summer's End is for liberated youth.. non-liberated youth that NEEDS liberation. People 14-22 years of age in need of a week of their summer safe from the world. Summer's End is for YOU!

This year Summer's End will be held at Camp Glenbrook in Marlborough, NH. Summer's End will be from August 9-16th!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, and love you may have!

Check out our page for more information or contact Julia (Summer's End 2007 co-chair!) at (646) 220-4507!

Summer's End Staff!!!

Monday, November 27th, 2006
10:14 pm
does anyone know if there's a DYSC meeting in december? i'll be home from school and want to drop by and visit!
Monday, November 13th, 2006
10:42 pm
There is going to be a massive meeting THIS Saturday, November 18th at the UU Church in Wellesley from 6PM - 8PM. Come as early as possible because we have a huge agenda and we gotta get our pizza order in. If anyone needs directions, let me know.

ALSO, this is technically a new year and a new staff. I know some people are backing down due to age and whatever but PLEASE forward this around to other people who you think might be interested in joining staff this year. See you all on Saturday!!!

Contact me with any questions or for a permission form if you need one!
Monday, September 11th, 2006
2:05 pm
hey y'all i recently made a bunch of clay chalice pendants, if anyone would like one let me know and i will mail you one. i ask for anywhere 6-26 dollers sliding scale for them (or thereabouts, feel free to offer some other amount).
i have them in an assortment of sizes shapes and colours.
Sunday, May 21st, 2006
10:05 pm

I don't know if people still read this....but there is no massive con!

a quick FYI on why:
the Clara Barton Center double booked massive con with a wedding and kicked us from the time slot instead of the wedding. massive staff attempted to find a new site (and did) however after reviewing all the details of the new site we voted and we decided not to go forth with massive at this time. there were many concerns dealing with the new site so that the staff were not comfortable to move on with massive and let it be as awesome and groovy as well as safe as we wished it to be under the circumstances.

our registrar is currently away, but we (staff) will be figuring out how to get people's money back to them (nothing has been cashed, dont worry).

on a note though, as of right now Massive '06 is only POSTPONED!

we as staff still need to meet again and figure this stuff out, but don't worry, y'all will be informed of everything thats going on.

sorry for the sad news!
Sunday, February 26th, 2006
6:27 pm
Hey folx. It's Mikey, a lot of y'all know me. I'm the Social Action Coordinator for the MBD. Hopefully most of you have filled out a survey in the last few months as a part of The Consultation On Ministry To And With Youth. Basically the youth office is trying to collect as much data on the experiences of youth who are or have been involved with YRUU in order to re-assess how we our programming fits the needs of UU youth. If you haven't filled out a survey yet or if you filled one out at the SAC con without really understanding its importance PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to http://www.uua.org/TRUS/youth/index.html and download a copy of the survey they are due on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 28TH (WHICH IS ONLY TWO DAYS FROM NOW!!!!!) you can fax it in, bring it to the youth office, or if you fell lucky try and mail it in tomorrow. This might seem like a bit of a hassle but its so worth while, please take the time to contribute your voice to the future of UU youth programming.
12:26 pm
SEAT training? Anyone?
Is anyone going to the UU Comprehensive Sexuality Education Advocacy Training in Washington DC in March?
Sunday, December 18th, 2005
9:58 am
because mbd loves evan greer and mimi lavalley
The Riot-Folk! Collective Presents...
Alive In Baghdad Alternative Holiday Benefit Party!!!

@ 45 Mount Auburn Street in Harvard Square
(Formerly the Harvard Social Forum)
7:00pm. $5-25 sliding scale donation.
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Featuring music from...
EVAN GREER - (boston's own radical folkster!)
SHARP TEETH - (catchy and heartfelt local folk-rock)
MIMI LAVALLEY - (local activist singer/songwriter)
PROJECT: CITIZEN - (political acoustic punk from NY)
-plus other acts TBA-
AND! a discussion and film screening with Brian Conley, a boston activist who recently returned from filming on the ground in Iraq.
Proceeds from the show will go to help Brian pay off his debts from his last trip, and hopefully to return to Iraq for more filming!
More information at: www.aliveinbaghdad.org

For more information on the show, visit www.riotfolk.org, e-mail evan@riotfolk.org, or call 978.852.6457
Monday, December 12th, 2005
12:00 pm
No Regrets

Hey, if your bored or care about underground punk bands


Check us out, Were a punk band from Detroit, Michigan.Add us if you like us and leave a comment, or if you hate us and want to tell us we suck.

Main influences are shitty bands like Nofx, Bad Religion and the Suicide Machines.

Thanks for your time

Friday, November 25th, 2005
8:54 pm
hey guys, i'm doing a project for my international relations human rights class and i need good organizations doing something about police brutality, suggestions?

and, i'd better be seeing you at SAC con january 13-15 it's gonna rock!

peace, love, and happiness always,
Monday, November 14th, 2005
4:37 pm
outreach, outreach, outreach!

This is Jackie, the chair of the DYSC, and we've been talking a lot at DYSC meetings about how we need to get more people involved.

Are you on our mailing list?

If not, would you like to be?

Do you want more information about MBD YRUU events (i.e., cons!)? Just let any DYSC member know!

My email is anonynonynoonoo@comcast.net. My AIM is anonynonynoonoo. Please, talk to me or another DYSC member or anyone else in YRUU that can relay your message back to us!


Current Mood: excited
Sunday, November 13th, 2005
11:57 am
Hey there, I'm a member of a church in Newburyport, MA (part of the MBD), and have noticed that we in Newburypoort have been subjected horribly to a 'lack of con' action. If there are any kids from any other churches in the area that are willing to organize a con with me, I would so love that. I've got no real idea of a theme so if there is a theme bruning in your mind, now's the time to say it!
Just drop a line.
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
2:22 pm
hey, everyone on here who considers themself an anarchist, come join my community, Anarchist_UUs! it is awesome! we can discuss anarchist issues and UU issues and any thing else you want, cause we are an anarchist community! who the hell cares about a topic?

Arlington first parish/follen
Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
4:42 pm
oh today
Today's my birthday...yay!!!



Sunday, August 14th, 2005
10:42 pm
do you hug?

Hey ya'all!

so im trying to educate myself on consent, and it would be really cool if you could share what you know about consent, how it is handled in your YRUU environment, any personal stories, or really anything you think could help me understand it. i hope to help shape a workshop for my district to use in conferences, so any help you could give me would be highly appreciated!

thank you!



x-posted to a_better_world, </span>yruuer

Thursday, July 7th, 2005
2:25 pm

THis guy is trying to get 5000 comments, Help him out.
Monday, June 13th, 2005
9:58 pm
(If you're on my friends list, you've probably already read this, but I figured I might as well get as much feedback as possible from fellow UUs.)

SHYP (the Reading youth group) is going to be creating a library. We have about five hundred dollars (maybe more) to spend on books. But we've got to buy them by June 30th, because that's when our budget goes bye-bye.

So, send me your suggestions! We are looking for social history/commentary/awareness/action/etc., spiritual/introspective, maybe a few novels, but mostly nonfiction. Oh, and some poetry!

I've started a list, but 'tis late, and my books are all a-jumbled, and I'm sure y'all have a lot of books I don't own that should be in a Unitarian library.

Oh!--and, who we buy these books from is very important. No Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble. I've been combing the lists of independent bookstores in the Boston area, but the problem is that online I usually can't see what kind of selection they have, nor their prices. Does anyone know of a good, local place with a wide selection and reasonable prices?


Sunday, June 5th, 2005
12:06 am


Theme: Love

When: June 5th, 2005 @ 5:30pm
Where: The First Universalist Society in Franklin
262 Chestnut Street, Franklin, MA 02038 (http://mapquest.com)

$5 donation is asked for but not demanded. Come as you are able and willing. Vegan and Vegetarian options will be served.

Hope to see you there!

-Erin J. Dunn

Current Mood: bouncy
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